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The down-to-earth Aussie spirit is all about keeping it real. Especially when it comes to traditional homestyle food! That’s why the best baking uses quality ingredients with old-fashioned honesty.

Real custard, fresh cream, free range eggs and more...

We use fresh ingredients wherever possible, like the apple in our apple pie, or the custard in our bee sting, or the real cream in our sponge cakes. We don’t just produce the food that Puckles sells – our families enjoy this too. That’s why we are passionate about quality. You can taste the difference in our fresh cream cakes compared to others made with mock cream; we use only the very best fresh cream available. Our custard is made using an old family recipe featuring real eggs – because that’s what makes it taste better than fake, watery, powder custard that slips into too many custard tarts these days. And with free-range chickens, compared to battery hens, you get far richer eggs (harvested using more ethical processes too).

Free range chicken, hormone-free beef...

For our savouries, you’ll only find free-range chicken and hormone-free beef in our sumptuous meat pies and tiddly oggies (pasties), giving you and your family a tastier, healthier product. Our sausage rolls use only the best quality sausage mince, leaving you feeling just as great after the last bite as you do for the first.

Fair-trade coffee...

We use a fair-trade blend, giving you the balance and body of a great coffee as well as the confidence that the coffee beans have been sourced using the best of ethical and environmental practices.

Taste the difference right here at Puckles – the home of traditional quality baking.

Nutritional facts 

Download a copy of our Nutritional Facts and Product Specifications.

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