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It’s a family thing

Otto Plarre

Life is a story. Here’s a little of ours. Our great-grandfather baked his first cake in 1897. He learned from some of the best pastry cooks in England and Europe. With three of his baker friends he sailed to Australia for £18 to start a new life.

In 1911, he opened his first bakery in Puckle Street with his wife. He and his three mates stayed the best of friends. And they kept baking. A shared love for great food and hard work made these friends family. It was tough back then for our great-grandparents and their customers, with WWI and the Great Depression, but together they made it through.

Thirty years later our grandparents faced WWII. They had to make cakes taste great without real butter and sugar. That’s okay. They just got more creative! That passion for quality and baking for the community inspired our parents to get into the business.

Now it is our turn and we’re all about quality and value for money, too. A lot has changed in the past 100 years but not what matters most – the way we love to bake great tasting food for our community. It’s a family thing.

Welcome to Puckles Family Bakehouse!

Plarre family gathering Ferny Creek 1963 

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