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There’s something special about traditional quality baking that connects us with memories of the way things were. Our family has been baking for Australia for more than 100 years. So much has changed since our great-grandfather opened his first store (we wonder what he would have thought of Baker Tweets). But here’s what hasn’t changed – Aussies know quality and love great tasting food.

Our mission is to be a positive part of every customer’s day with affordable, traditional quality baking and exceptional service – old time goodness from our family to yours.

Our customers

Puckles is a place where we can share a laugh, have fun and enjoy the good things in life with our customers. We want every experience to be exceptional. Good business is about community and we encourage our customers to shape the future with us.

Our products

It has always been and will always be about quality. We’re passionate about what we do. Near enough is never good enough. Every product counts.

Our stores

When our customers feel like family, our stores become a place to share sweet indulgence, friendship and a taste of the way things were. Delicious cakes and savouries, and exceptional service, make Puckles a place where ‘goodbye’ is really just ‘see you again soon’.

Our business

We embrace diversity to create a place where we can all be ourselves. We champion business practices that value people and advance sustainability. Together with our partners, we treat each other with respect and dignity and hold each other to these standards.

Our communities

Every store is part of a local community and we take our responsibility as community members seriously. We can be a force for good, bringing together our staff, customers and the community to make a positive difference in each other’s lives and those of the people around us.

You can read more about our history here. If you love traditional quality baking, we invite you to join our free Bakers Four Club for instant benefits and easy ways to save so that you can have more old time goodness to share with family and friends.
Importantly though, whilst Puckles features products and recipes that have been around for over 100 years, we're starting from scratch and we know that we won't get everything right straight away, despite our best intentions. Please tell us if you're unhappy with anything we're doing and feel free to offer suggestions on how we can improve. We'll be listening, we promise.

We hope to see you at Puckles soon.

Mike and Steve Plarre
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